Capungo (Alf Joint)

Capungo (Alf Joint)


Capungo played by Alf Joint

Starred In Goldfinger (1964)


Capungo is briefly seen in the pre-title sequence. Whilst Bonita has Bond distracted, Capungo appears from behind a wardrobe and starts to sneak up behind Bond.

Bond manages to see Capungo reflected off Bonita's eye, and at the last moment he spins round so Bonita gets the full force of his attack. After a brutal fight, Capungo is thrown into a bath where just as he grabs Bond's gun, 007 throws an electrical lamp into the bath electrocuting him. Ouch.


Very little is learnt about Capungo. He works for Mr Ramirez, owner of the drug laboratory Bond destroys, and is sent to capture him. §


Capungo (Alf Joint)
Capungo (Alf Joint)

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