Bianca (Tina Hudson)

Bianca (Tina Hudson)


Bianca played by Tina Hudson

Born in 1937

Starred In Octopussy (1983)


After Bond's plan to destroy the enemy facility goes awry, Bond is captured and taken away in a jeep. Bianca allows Bond to escape by flirting with his captors whilst driving past. This gives him the seconds he needs to pull their parachute rip cords, sending them flying out of the jeep. He thanks Bianca and tells her he will see her in Miami.


Bianca is a sexy contact for Bond, although little is learnt about the character due to her limited screen time and extremely limited dialogue. It is not stated whether Bond and Bianca have had any kind of non-business relationship, although it is perhaps subtly implied. §


Bianca (Tina Hudson)
Bianca (Tina Hudson)

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