Zora (Martine Beswicke)

Zora (Martine Beswicke)


Zora played by Martine Beswicke

Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica on 26th September 1941

Starred In From Russia With Love (1963)


Zora and Vida are encountered when Bond visits the gypsy camp with Kerim Bey. He tells him that both women are in love with the same man. His true lover will be decided in a hand-to-hand fight to the death between the two women.

The expertly shot seen is cut short, just as Vida gets the upper hand when Krilencu and his men invade the party.

After the fight Bond persuades Kerim to stop the girls from fighting. Kerim tells him to decide who is the winner, where Bond gets to enjoy the pleasures of both women whilst he decides.


Little is learnt about the two characters of Zora and Vida. They are obviously in love with the same man, and the hand-to-hand fight is the traditional gypsy way to solve the dispute.


Martine Beswicke also played the part of Paula Caplan in Thunderball a year later. §


Zora (Martine Beswicke)
Zora (Martine Beswicke)
Zora (Martine Beswicke)
Zora (Martine Beswicke)

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