Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith)

Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith)


Miss Caruso played by Madeline Smith

Born in Hartfield, Sussex, England on 2nd August 1949

Starred In Live And Let Die (1973)


Miss Caruso is first introduced when her and Bond are awaken by M knocking on Bond's door at 5:47am. Whilst giving Bond new mission instructions, M mentions the Italian Secret Service is missing one of their agents, Miss Caruso.

Whilst Bond is making M some coffee to distract him, Miss Caruso sneaks out of the bed and makes her way to hide in the wardrobe. At that moment, Miss Moneypenny walks in, as Miss Caruso signals her not to say a word. As M leaves he walks towards the wardrobe to get his coat. Moneypenny quickly gets M's coat for him and as they leave Moneypenny has much pleasure in wishing Bond goodbye, or should that be "Ciao Bella".

After they are gone, Bond apologises and proceeds to unzip her dress with his magnetic watch.


Little is learnt about the character of Miss Caruso. She is however the first Bond Girl of the Roger Moore era.

After probably running into Bond, or working together on a previous assignment, she risks getting into trouble with her superiors, the Italian Secret Service, after staying with Bond in his apartment. §


Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith)
Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith)
Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith)

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