Foreign Secretary (Tim Pigott-Smith)

Foreign Secretary (Tim Pigott-Smith)


Foreign Secretary played by Tim Pigott-Smith

Born in Rugby, England, on 13th May 1946

Starred In Quantum of Solace (2008)


After Tanner informs M that Mathis has been shot dead in Bolivia, apparently at the hands of Bond, the Foreign Secretary demands to see her.

He asks M for an explanation to Bonds latest events and tells her that the Prime Minister is not pleased. He further explains that the world is running out of oil, and if they only dealt with 'nice' people they would have almost no-one to trade with. Consequently the interests of Dominic Greene now align with his own. M warns him of getting into bed with Greene, but is rebuked by the Foreign Secretary telling her the Quantum organisation has never been heard of before, and hunches cannot dictate foreign policy. The meeting concludes by him telling M that Bond needs to be reeled back in, otherwise the Americans will kill him.


The Foreign Secretary is for responsible for relationships with foreign countries and the promotion of British interests abroad.

Initially dismissive and frosty towards M, he warms up slightly as their meeting progresses. While he seemingly does want to believe that Greene is a villain, he tells M he has little choice and it's not a case of choosing right or wrong, but rather acting out of necessity. §


Foreign Secretary (Tim Pigott-Smith)
Foreign Secretary (Tim Pigott-Smith)
Foreign Secretary (Tim Pigott-Smith)

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