Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton)

Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton)


Major Boothroyd played by Peter Burton

Born in Bromley, England on 4th May 1921

Died 21st November 1989

Starred In Dr No (1962)


Whilst giving Bond his briefing, M asks Miss Moneypenny to send in the armourer. Boothroyd tells Bond that he should use the new Walther PPK from now on rather than his usual Beretta as the PPK has much greater stopping power.


In Dr No Major Boothroyd is a formal, serious character that grills Bond on the ineffectiveness of the Beretta, and praises the new Walther PPK. Due to the limited screen time of the character, little else is learnt.


Peter Burton would only appear in Dr No, as when Burton was unavailable for From Russia With Love, the legendary Desmond Llewelyn would take the role of Major Boothroyd, alias Q. §


Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton)
Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton)

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