Bill Tanner (Michael Goodliffe)

Bill Tanner (Michael Goodliffe)


Bill Tanner played by Michael Goodliffe

Born in Bebington, Cheshire, England on 1st October 1914

Died 20th March 1976

Starred In The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)


Appearing only briefly, Tanner is present with Colthorpe when Bond arrives to get his briefing from M. Tanner only speaks two lines, mentioning that Francisco Scaramanga's fingerprints were on the letter that have been verified by the CIA. When he goes to tell Bond that the reason behind Scaramanga notifying him that he is a target is psychological, M gets impatient and tells them that they are dismissed.


Apart from knowing that Bill Tanner is Chief of Staff for MI6, little is learnt about the character due to the limited on-screen time.


The character of Bill Tanner would appear a number of times throughout the films, although played by many actors. §


Bill Tanner (Michael Goodliffe)

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