Verity (Madonna)

Verity (Madonna)


Verity played by Madonna

Born in Bay City, Michigan, USA on 16th August 1958

Starred In Die Another Day (2002)


After following Sir Gustav Graves to Blades, a London fencing club, Bond meets Verity who is waiting to give him his fencing lesson. She introduces Bond to Miranda Frost her protégé, and Graves, where he challenges Bond to a wager. When Graves asks if Verity would like to bet on the proceedings, she declines and leaves Bond and Graves to it.


Verity is the popular, in-demand fencing coach of Miranda Frost and Gustav Graves. While not stated, it is implied that Verity is actually a lesbian. Her dialogue with Bond seems to have an air of familiarity with both of them exchanging double entendres aplenty, suggesting the pair could have crossed blades before. §


Verity (Madonna)
Verity (Madonna)

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