Carter (Joseph Millson)

Carter (Joseph Millson)


Carter played by Joseph Millson

Born in Berkshire, England in 1974

Starred in Casino Royale (2006)


Carter is seen communicating with Bond in Madagascar at a local mongoose and snake fight. Carter mingles with the crowd while Bond watches a short distance away. When Mollaka receives a text message, the crowd suddenly gets nosier leading Carter to keep touching his ear piece so he can hear Bond better. However not hearing Bonds cries to put his hand down, Mollaka spots Carter and makes a run for it. Carter draws his gun and starts to make chase, although trips and falls into the crowd. His gun fires and the crowd run off in all directions. With their cover blown, Bond leaves his position and runs full speed after Mollaka.


Carter is a MI6 agent, probably at a junior level or new to field assignments. Little else is learnt about the character due to limited on-screen time. §


Carter (Joseph Millson)
Carter (Joseph Millson)

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