Pinder (Earl Cameron)

Pinder (Earl Cameron)


Pinder played by Earl Cameron

Born in Pembroke, Bermuda on 8th August 1917

Starred In Thunderball (1965)


Pinder meets Bond and Felix Leiter where he takes them to his modest headquarters hidden behind a shop in the marketplace of Nassau. This serves as a base of operations where Q provides Bond with the latest gadgets, the photos taken from the infrared camera are developed and where plans are made to infiltrate Emilio Largo's estate Palmyra. Pinder also arranges with the Governor to have an island-wide blackout for a short period of time allowing Bond to attempt to rescue Paula Caplan.


Pinder is a friendly local islander who operates the Bahamas branch of the British Secret Service. While his headquarters is fairly modest, Pinder is resourceful and does his best to help Bond and Leiter in there investigation to find the atomic bombs. §


Pinder (Earl Cameron)
Pinder (Earl Cameron)

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