Jim Fanning (Douglas Wilmer)

Jim Fanning (Douglas Wilmer)


Jim Fanning played by Douglas Wilmer

Born in London, England on 8th January 1920

Starred In Octopussy (1983)


Jim Fanning is introduced by M when Bond attends his initial briefing at the start of the film. Fanning asks Bond to accompany him to a Sotheby's auction where a rare Fabergé egg is being auctioned. After identifying the buyer as Kamal Khan, Fanning becomes increasingly distressed when Bond starts bidding for the egg. Knowing Khan has to buy, Bond sends the price of the egg sky-high, with Fanning looking incredibly on-edge at Bond's antics.


Jim Fanning is an art expert working alongside MI6 on various cases. Fanning identities the buyer of the egg but makes the mistake of inviting Bond along to the auction. Fanning enjoys conversing with Bond, showing of his knowledge of the art world. However Fanning soon regrets his decision when Bond's bids for the egg start to escalate past ridiculous prices, worrying Fanning immensely. §


Jim Fanning (Douglas Wilmer)
Jim Fanning (Douglas Wilmer)

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