Sir Robert King (David Calder)

Sir Robert King (David Calder)


Sir Robert King played by David Calder

Born in Portsmouth, England on 1st August 1946

Starred In The World Is Not Enough (1999)


During the pre-title sequence Bond reclaims Sir Robert's money from the Swiss banker Mr Lachaise. After returning the money to Sir Robert, he tells M that he might try and steal Bond, who quips, "Construction is not exactly my speciality", to which M mentions its "quite the opposite in fact".

Shortly afterward, King goes to collect his money but as he gets in range of the money, his lapel transmitter is activated, causing an explosive device hidden inside the cash to trigger, killing King and doing considerable damage to the inside of MI6.


Sir Robert King is a softly spoken, well-respected distinguished gentleman who is a personal friend of M's after they read law together at Oxford. King becomes a wealthy oil magnate after marrying an Azerbaijani oil heiress. However when his daughter Elektra King is kidnapped, he turns to M for advice who suggests that he shouldn't pay the ransom, an action that causes Elektra to take her revenge. §


Sir Robert King (David Calder)
Sir Robert King (David Calder)

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